Thursday, November 12, 2015

Churchill Downs

Quilts On Barns - More Treasures

We headed for Louisville last week on one of our off days.  Our intent was to visit Claiborne Farms, a major player in the horse racing world.  They were closed to tours that day for a sale so we visited Churchill Downs instead.  My next post will talk about that tour.  Along the way we passed more quilts on barns as we meandered our way through the countryside.
This quilt on barn sign was a gift to a woman from her husband.  As you can see it is quite elaborate and very colorful.  He had their names incorporated into the block and the year they established their farm.

Here is another we found along the road.  It isn't quite as eye catching as the first but it certainly caught our eye against the dark barn wood.

This quilt makes me think of Christmas with it's red and green color scheme.

We loved the setting for this barn quilt.  It looks like a new development springing up out in the country.  The stonework at the entrance is as pretty as the barn quilt. 

 We haven't seen very many white barns in Kentucky so this one caught our attention.  Come to think of it, we haven't seen many white barns anywhere.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Quilts On Barns

As we are exploring the area we are finding many barns that are decorated with quilt blocks.  They are fun to spot and we enjoy getting pictures of them.  

The block below is a bit of a free form design and I am not sure if it has a name or not.  It must have meaning to the owner.  

This block was on the side of a dairy farm barn and lists the farm name as well.

This barn flies the confederate flag on this building and another one on the same property.  It isn't too hard to guess what they are thinking.

It is sad to me that something as nice as the "Quilts On Barns" idea must be politicized by some.

Getting To Know Kentucky

This year my adventuresome husband decided that we should work for Amazon in Kentucky as part of their Camperforce program.  We applied last spring and were hired.  We started our get in shape program over the summer with careful eating and lots of walking.  The plan was to get ready for the long hours and miles of walking that we would be required to do each day.  Amazon has contracts with local campgrounds to host their workers.  We came through Campbellsville, Kentucky in July and dropped off the fifth wheel to store until we came back to work in mid October.  We had a couple of hot months at home in Florida and then headed back here.  We detoured through Texas to see our daughter in law and arrived here two weeks ago.  

Tom has hung out our Green Bay Packer rally flag and set us up for the next two months.  It's amazing how easily we adapt back to living in the fifth wheel after being in the house again.  Tom can snooze in this recliner just as easily as he snoozes in the one back home.

We did a little exploring on our down time and found that this area of Kentucky grows a lot of tobacco and many of the barns are now full of drying tobacco.

This picture isn't great but if you look closely you can see it inside the barn.  This area is also known for distilling Bourbon and thoroughbred race horses.  You'll hear more about that in future posts.

Monday, October 19, 2015

A New Baby In The Family

We have several new babies in the extended family.  Tom's cousins children are having children.  Congratulations to Jordan and Annie who have just had their third baby, a boy and to Dan and Molly who have just had their first, also a boy.  First baby in every family gets a gift and for Molly I knit this little sweater set. 
Blue cotton yarn and football buttons for the newest family member.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Some Hand Stitchery Projects

Last winter on one of our long car rides I stitched up three or four little fall and Christmas projects.  They have been sitting on the "too be finished" pile in my sewing room.  I have been working my way through this pile and these two little pillows are out for fall. The top pillow has a hand appliqued frame.

I don't have the patterns with me so I can't give credit to the designers on this post.  They are patterns that I picked up some years ago. 

I am loving getting all these things done!


This sweet little quilt has applique oranges on the corners.  It makes a cute table topper for our kitchen table and gave me some practice quilting on my sewing machine.

This little bird quilt was made from a cheater panel I found in Maine this past spring.   I really like how it turned out and I still have several of the panels to make more.  I am going to add an extra fabric strip on one side and the bottom of each of the twelve sections.  That will give it more dimension and you will think you are looking out the window.

 I had so much wool yarn left from the rug I posted a few weeks ago that I hooked up this little rug.  I finished the main section and decided to add a border as well all the way around.  The rug is finished and it has a new home by our bedroom door and I still have more yarn to use.

My baby sister Genevieve came to Florida and stayed almost two weeks.  It was a great visit and we had plenty of time to sew and play.  She attended several quilt meetings with me and learned some new applique techniques.  She also has taken up hooking after attending my Tuesday group.  That's rug hooking.  I sent my floor stand frame home with her along with a pattern, the drawn base, a hook, a book and wool worms.  I am so excited to see how she does.

This cute little crab hangs out by my sewing room door.  I made one for Genevieve as well to remember her Florida trip.