Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fathers Day

We celebrated Fathers Day this year in Oak Creek with our extended families. 
The weather was absolutely perfect and we sat outside on the deck at my sisters house enjoying each others company.
My dad is eighty eight this year and it is getting harder for him to get around but he was out and enjoying the day as well.  My brother in love Earl and my baby sister Gen kept him entertained.

My niece, her husband and their boys.
The generations were there in force and there was lots of laughter, fun and love being shared.
Tom was recruited to cook the brats and dogs.  Everyone brought a dish to share and we all ate too much. 
Here is a picture of four of the sisters with mom and dad.
A day together would not be complete without a game of Farkel. 
These are the things that we miss living so far away.  How do you put a value on the laughter and stories shared on these occasions?  Watching our children interact with grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins is so amazing.  Watching their children learning to play together and build relationships
within the family is even more amazing.  We are richly blessed.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Make New Friends But Keep The Old, One Is Silver And The Other Gold

Forty five years ago this young married couple joined the Oak Creek Jaycees to meet new friends and get involved in the community.  We were all in our twenties just starting careers and families.  Over the years we worked together and we played together.  We cried over the joys of new babies and friends lost too early. We did group camping trips with a dozen families and vacations around the country.  Over the recent past we are burying parents and siblings.  When ever we get home to Oak Creek we try to get together with some of them.  The men still congregate to their own end of the table and the women to the other.  We catch up on children and grandchildren and events in our lives.  Now we talk about aches and pains and where we go to avoid the winters.

When we are together it is as if we have not been apart.  Our hair has turned from dark to silver and our waistlines are long gone.  We still love our Friday night fish fry's even though we usually go right home after instead of partying until the bar closes.
These are our golden friends and we are well on our way to achieving platinum status.

Loving The Old Crochet

Friday we stopped at my cousin Susie's house for a visit.  Susie's mom is my Aunt Margie and she passed away a little over a year ago.  She was my favorite auntie from as long as I can remember.   When I was a child she spoiled me rotten.  As a teenager she often hired me to help her work at her job.  As a young married woman she traveled with me on trips to visit family in Minnesota.  She was a positive force in my life and I don't ever remember her being negative or nasty.  She carried a lot of sorrow in her life.  She lost four children and didn't have a great partner in my uncle.  You would not have known it though because she was so full of love.
Susie has kept all of her things pretty much the same as they always were in the house where she now lives.  Aunt Margie was great with a crochet hook and she had so many cute little examples of her work.  These little potholder hot pads were hanging in the kitchen.  Adorable and so very Aunt Margie!  

We miss you every day.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Not Everyone Has A Dentist Like This!

In 1979 we started seeing a new dentist.  He was young and pleasant and just starting his own practice.  He was and still is our only dentist.  His sense of humor is unfailing and it is always a pleasure to visit him.  We have shared stories of each others families and mutual friends.  For many years I told him that he really needed to buy me a mink coat in appreciation of all the business I have sent his way.  One year when I arrived for an appointment he had a large gift wrapped box ready for me.  Inside the box was a mink collar stole.  You know the ones where the mink is biting it's own tail.  I think they must have been very popular with women who couldn't afford an entire coat.  He had shopped an estate sale and decided that he knew just the person to get it for.
At one point in our long friendship I had our daughter send him a box of her fabulous decorated cookies.  This was perhaps five years ago...  When we stopped in for our cleaning appointments this week he showed us that he still had the featured cookie that reads "Miss You Like A Toothache!"
We have many wonderful people in our lives and Dr. Ron, Ellen the office manager and the great staff at Market Place Dental are some of them.

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Corning Glass Museum

We visited the Corning Glass Museum this morning and were so glad that we did.  We were pretty amazed at some of the art pieces that we saw.  One piece that I did not get a picture of was a coiled rope one mile long made entirely of seed beads.  All the beading was done by hand by a large group of women in Africa and woven into a rope.
This globe of spun glass shimmered in the light. 

Tom loved this artwork reminiscent of Venetian gondolas.

We watched a demo as a lady formed a small glass fish.  We learned a lot about glass blowing and have a better appreciation of this art form.

We also watched a demonstration of glass blowing as a team of glass blowers created a beautiful cake plate.

The museum was filled with beautiful glass art from around the world.  Stained glass pieces, beading, paper weights, dishes, furniture and more.  This is a must see if you are ever in the area.

It's Not Pat's Or The Riverside But It Was Good Pizza

We had salads and pizzas at Atlas Pizza in Corning last night.  Their variation on a Caprisi salad was so good and the pizza baked in a wood fired oven was pretty amazing.

The pizza baker put on a little show so I could get a photo. 

Rockwwell Museum - Corning New York

We visited the Rockwell Museum and enjoyed the art work here.

I did some studying this past winter and learned about the painter Thomas Moran.  He was instrumental in getting Yellowstone designated as a National Park.  I loved that I was able to see and enjoy one of his works.

They had a great pottery collection here as well.

If you are in Corning this museum is a must see.