Friday, February 27, 2015

Catching Up

It has been a long time since I blogged and I have had many comments about my lack there of.  So I shall catch you up a bit.  I was elected President of the East Pasco Quilt Guild for this year and have been kept hopping with workshops and meetings.  Lest you become too impressed by my new title I was the only one running for this office.  Anyway, this is a small group but a very busy group.  This quilt is a very generous queen size with matching shams and the profits benefit an agency that assists veterans.  Tickets are $1. or 6 for $5.  Let me know how many opportunities you would like.
When we moved here we had a mature lemon tree in our yard.  It along with so many others here in Florida became infected with the "greening" disease.  Our oranges turned sour and so we took the tree down and replanted with a new one.  We got our first oranges from it this year.  We only harvested six of them but they are so sweet and so juicy. 

I have a cooking show that I follow and the hostess of this show makes some pretty great sounding recipes.  I liked the sound of this French Canadian inspired meat pastry.  The star seasoning is savory and the flavor was amazing.  Definitely a make again recipe.

Living in Florida means winter guests and you know how we love company.  Tom's cousin  Mary Kay and her husband were here in January for a visit.  It is always so nice to have family here.  We had dinner at the Columbia Restaurant which is the oldest restaurant in Florida and then attended a show at the Old Tampa Theatre put on by the United States Air Force Band. 

Mary Kay is a horse lover so we took her to Myakka City to see the training program for the Lippinzaner stallions.

Saturdays are sewing days with the guild that I mentioned above.  We have a local church hall that we meet and sew in for the day.  Great things are going on here and we are having fun.  One Saturday we sewed and stuffed over one hundred and fifty bears for the local hospital.

This past week I attended a two day rug hooking workshop in Punta Gorda, Florida.  Four ladies frommy local group attended and I got so much hooking done.  I am ten hours away from finishing a good size rug I have been hooking for a year.  I will post a picture soon.  Promise!

Friday, December 5, 2014

A Little Bit Of Christmas

My sister Odilia made me this pillow for Christmas.  I have it on the bed in the guest room sitting with my gingerbread dolls.  I bought them many years ago at a craft fair.  I was shopping with my next door neighbor and dear friend Karen.  She passed away suddenly shortly after that at a very young fifty years of age.  I love the pillow and I love my sister that made it for me.
 I embroidered this cardinal on one of our long car trips.  The center has been sitting patiently on the pile of UFO's on the sewing table.  I added two borders and quilted a simple background.  I like it!
I added another tree this year.  This one is on the lanai.  I found a pattern for tiny knit socks and made ten different ones.  Next year I'll do mittens and hats all in red and white.

Detail of the little socks.

Here is a picture of the front door.  Tom hung the garland and the balls.  Does it say welcome to you?  We hope so.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Amazing "Little Missy!"

Last Saturday I attended a work day with my local quilt guild.  We were assembling tote bags that are used at an abused women's shelter.  I had my little peanut granddaughter with me and she immediately took over my sewing machine.  I became the pinning and ironing person while she sewed.  The tide has turned.  Their are not very many people that I will allow to sew on my machine.  She is allowed. 
She wants to be a junior member in our guild and plans on bringing her own sewing machine to our next work day.  The other ladies enjoy her because she is pleasant and polite.  It is a good thing.

Thread Holder Made By My Personal Carpenter

I saw this thread holder at a fellow sewers home.  I came home and checked them out on the Internet and realized it was much too expensive for my budget.  I showed Tom the picture and he built one for me.  It holds almost three hundred spools of thread.  Now that I have them all organized I had better start sewing.

Monday, November 10, 2014

It's Cookie Decorating Time Again

Being back in Florida means that I can do cookie classes again with my daughter.  Today's class was all about fall cookie decorating.  Christy turns her living and dining room into a classroom for sixteen people.  She has all the cookies baked and the frosting tinted and ready to decorate.  A few instructions and off we go.  Today she had an airbrush station set up for special effects on the cookies.  While my photo doesn't really do them justice, the cookies are quite beautiful.
Each participant pays a small amount for the ingredients and a larger amount which is donated to charity.  This seasons recipient is the Honor Flight Foundation. I love my cookies and I love my daughter for thinking of others the way that she does.

Another Habitat For Humanity Home

Tom and I were able to attend the dedication of another Dade City Habitat For Humanity house dedication last Friday.  This is house number one hundred and thirty five for this chapter.  Our local quilt guild got involved about sixty quilts back and has made at least one quilt for every house that this HFH chapter dedicates.  This particular house dedication was even more impressive because it was one of the homes that was supported by the Warrick Dunn Foundation.  This gentleman, and he certainly is a gentleman, started this foundation when he played pro football with Tampa Bay.  He began the foundation in honor of his own mother who raised six children and was never able to own her own home.  To date he has completely furnished one hundred and forty homes for families who need help.  The house is move in ready from the cleaning products in the pantry to a television, computer, appliances and everything in between. 
Every day we hear stories of professional athletes who make the news for breaking the law, abusing themselves and others or being just plain stupid.  Warrick's mother must be smiling down at this son who has truly made a difference in the lives of so many.
Left to right: Our homeowner and her son, Glenda from East Pasco Quilt Guild, myself and Warrick Dunn.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Carving Pumpkins

Sunday morning was pumpkin carving day with our grandchildren.  We scooped out four large pumpkins and had a wonderful time doing it. 

The grands are growing so fast and we enjoy every minute we have with them.